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Temple of Venus


Venus is the ancient Roman goddess of love, sex, fertility, abundance, harvest, and their related realms. She is a representation of the divine feminine within all of us, who conjures up images of golden divinity birthed from the sea, swathed in pearl and pink, glowing with incandescence. She generates imaginings of unadulterated sensuality, beauty, openness, and sweetness. She is the essence of a rose itself.

Celebrate what is within you and the fabric of life enfolding you, Venus nudges, and you will live like a goddess.

Excerpted from the first in a series of writings on Goddess Venus for The Local Rose, “New Resolution: Embodying your divinity with the help of Venus.”


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Temple of  Venus

In the summer of 2015, online magazine the Numinous and Elyssa Jakim teamed up to create an interactive art installation and event space called the Temple of Venus. As an altar to the goddess Venus, the installation served as a healing space: the events at the Temple were a way to address our questions and questings regarding love, sexuality, beauty, money and everything else Venus touches. Healers and makers led Venus-inspired events ranging from flower-crown-making to silk-dying to nights of music to conversations about kundalini and spiritual relationships. Here's an interview with Broadly about a sexual healing event and the Temple. 

Months after creating the temple, Venus did not stop working with and guiding Elyssa. So she created a monthly column on the Numinous entitled The Temple of Venus, as an extension of the physical project.









From Elyssa: I am an intuitive healer and writer. I co-founded Fairy School NYC, an after school program connecting children to their inner magic through free play, arts and crafts, fairy lore, song, and joy. I've led workshops and retreats from Reiki classes to potion making to water ceremony to new moon gatherings at Maha Rose Center for Healing, Top Shop NYC, Species by the Thousands, and House of Intuition among other locales. 

Reiki was my first healing practice, and it came from a longing to help people by means of touch because not a lot of us receive gentle, nurturing touch after childhood. I had studied the Alexander Technique for years, and subtly found myself wanting to offer my kinesthetic knowledge to others—to make a tweak here and their in their physical and energetic fields in order to help them feel better. I have a deep connection to ancient techniques of healing, that I unraveled and continue to unravel intuitively. I learned Reiki from Lisa Levine, of Maha Rose. I learned shamanic channeling from Sandra van Olmen and through deep study, devotion and attention. I did my undergraduate degree at Harvard University, where I learned, among many things, that I wanted to feel better. I believe that love heals us and that you are magical. 





Based in Brooklyn and Ithaca New York. For collaborations, article requests and more information, kindly email elyssajakim@gmail.com.

Video Credit: Sarah Riazati