About Elyssa


Elyssa on Elyssa...

Hi! I aim to ignite a spark of free expression and joy in others through writing, healing sessions, and magical events. 


You can find my writings on this website, The Local Rose, The Numinous, Mind Body Green, Theatre for a New Audience, and MUBI among others. 


I co-founded Fairy School NYC, an after school program connecting children to their inner magic through free play, arts and crafts, fairy lore, song, and joy! I've led workshops and retreats from Reiki classes, to potion making days, to water ceremonies, to new moon gatherings at such locales as Maha Rose Center for Healing, Maha Rose North, Top Shop NYC, Species by the Thousands, and House of Intuition. Stay tuned for new adventures. 


I did my undergraduate degree at Harvard University, where I wrote my thesis about "boudoirs"-- historical inner sancta designer people to brood and be moody. My obsession with interiors helped to spark the Temple of Venus. It is also an obsession with the inner life, the emotional center. I love to delve into the deep mysteries to help others find freedom, empowerment, healing, and peace. Acting was my first love, so let's just say I do not shy away from emotional expression. 

I have a connection to ancient techniques of healing that I have unraveled and continue to unravel intuitively. I learned Reiki Mastership from Lisa Levine of Maha Rose Center for Healing. I trained in shamanic channeling from Sandra van Olmen as well as through deep study, devotion and attention. I am a long term student of the Alexander Technique with Amira Glaser, which greatly informs my hands-on practice. I study techniques in Nature Spirit Alchemy from Camilla Blossom Bishop